Expression of Thanks from the Home Care and Hospice Association of Colorado

We hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

The HHAC Board and Staff have so much to be thankful for!

  • We are thankful for the dedicated frontline home care and hospice employees who have continued to go above and beyond during the last year of the pandemic; often putting their own needs behind those of others;
  • We are thankful to all the Administrators, Managers, and Office Personnel who continue to sacrifice in support of their clinical teams and clients/patients;
  • We are thankful for your loved ones who recognize how important your work is and support you through your long days/nights and work-related stress that sometimes come home with you;
  • We are thankful for all the health care providers in Colorado who partner with home care and hospice organizations to care for their clients/patients;
  • We are thankful for our local and national representatives, government employees, Advocacy and Communications teams who advocate for the expansion and increased support of home care and hospice services;
  • We are thankful for the hundreds of thousands of unpaid family caregivers in Colorado who voluntarily provide care to their family and friends to help them remain as safe and happy as possible at home;
  • We are thankful for our country’s Veterans and for the opportunity that you have to give back to them, in some measure, for their service and sacrifices;
  • We are thankful for both faith and science that help us get through life’s trials, including the ongoing global pandemic;
  • We are thankful for eyes to see and hands to help those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 or other infirmities during the last year;
  • We are thankful for your support of the work that we do every day on behalf of HHAC members and home care and hospice in Colorado.