By joining HCAC, you’ll ensure that your agency has a voice on key issues affecting home health care. Additionally, HCAC will provide opportunities to participate in educational offerings and to have access to resources for members that will allow you to better serve your clients and your organization, adding to and ensuring your agency’s success.

Home Health Care Providers - please follow instructions below based on your 2017 membership status and reimbursement type:

  • Medicare/Medicaid Certified Providers:
    • Renewing Members: If your agency was a member in 2017, please complete this form and we'll send you an invoice for your 2018 dues.
    • NEW Members: Scroll down on this page to use online calculators to determine your dues, and link to online application.
    • To see the formulas and how dues are calculated, click here.
  • Private Pay/Home Care Providers:
    • Renewing Members: If your agency was a member in 2017, an invoice has already been created and emailed to the key contact at your agency. If you are the key contact and would like to access and pay on the website, please login, click on 'my profile', again on 'my profile', then 'your organization' and finally, 'invoices' (on small menu bar in green font color). You may pay online by credit card or send in a check.
    • NEW Members: Click here for tiered dues structure and link to online application.

Medicare/Medicaid Certified Providers

Before purchasing a membership, you'll need to determine your agency's gross client revenue from the most recent fiscal year. All agencies will fall within one of the following four levels or tiers for dues payment (in each tier a cap or maximum dues has been established):

To help you calculate your agency's membership dues, please use one of the following calculators below, based on your agency's gross client revenue (for all Colorado locations). The minimum dues an agency would pay (revenues up to $217,865) is $572, and the maximum your agency would pay (revenues of $11,170,000 or more) is $7,772.